Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings
Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings are designed in different materials and dimensions to ensure to provide the best performance. They are provided with easy to install and replace features.
Cast Iron Pulley
Cast Iron Pulley is designed using high-quality cast iron to ensure highest level of durability, flexibility and efficacy. It is provided in accurate dimension and structure for getting maximum benefits. 
Industrial Sheaves
Hard-wearing Industrial Sheaves are available with high tensile strength, more horsepower and durability. They are provided with higher HP than any classical sheaves.
Industrial Belts
Highly flexible and durable Industrial Belts are designed to be used with smaller pulley diameters for lighter, efficient and compact drive. They are provided with 40% higher power rating per unit width.
Ball Bearings
Durable Ball Bearings are rolling-element bearings widely used for maintaining the separation between the bearing races. They are sturdy and efficient bearings available with long-lasting sheen. 
Industrial Couplings
Sturdy Industrial Couplings are provided in different specifications and dimensions to meet varied demands of industries. They are abrasion and rust proof in nature ensuring to withstand adverse working conditions.  
Wrapped Belts
Wrapped Belts are heavy-duty power transmission belts available with heat, oil and flex resistance. In addition to this, they come with high anti-static property.
HPC V-Belts
HPCV Belts are designed using high performance polyurethane/polyester composite material to ensure high durability as well as strength even in the most demanding conditions.

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